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Our mission is to offer assistance to Hospitality Industry Professionals and their vendors to promote successful, strong and profitable eating and drinking establishments throughout the County. We provide educational programs and group discount rates on various services. We also promote a positive industry image in our endeavors to enhance sales and service, while simultaneously demonstrating that we can manage our profession in a safe and responsible manner.


Advocacy:  We keep a watchful eye on the state and federal governments to make sure your voice is heard.


Lowering your operational cost: Our cost reduction programs save you money on workers’ compensation insurance, disability benefits insurance, health insurance, electronic processing, music licensing, telecommunications services, energy solutions, and payroll processing. Our members typically save thousands of dollars per year – money that goes right into their pocket!


Training: Programs available to meet all of your hospitality training needs including ABC Law training for owners & managers SLA approved server training, food manager training, food handler training, tobacco sellers training and other valuable education programs.


Compliance Tolls: You can avoid violations, fines and suspensions with our age verification devices, law guide, ID guide and background check program.


Information: We keep you up to date on news that is important to your business through our monthly report and other special interest publications.

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